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Orchard Puzzles Over 5s

The buyers at Toys & Learning were blown away by the vision behind this company – their ethos, ‘learning made fun’, matches our objectives personally, which led us to take a closer look at their Orchard puzzles for 5s. Orchard has a selection of puzzles that are suitable for children over 5. Different styles of puzzles are also available, including floor puzzles and standard puzzles. We also supply puzzles which will help and teach children over 5 to piece together sentences.

The pirate ship floor puzzle by Orchard puzzles consists of 100 pieces and is 42x51.5 cm in size. This puzzle turns the pirate’s life upside down and gives everyone something to laugh about. Could you imagine pirates hanging their washing on the yardarm? With the pirate ship puzzle for over 5s your child will see pirates in the funniest way possible.

Orchards has created the dinosaur discovery jigsaw puzzle too. This puzzle is great for over 5s as it has 150 pieces and its very own key, which names and describe each dinosaur that is on the puzzle. Your child will learn all about dinosaurs whilst enjoying the activity of piecing together a puzzle.

Orchard Puzzles for Over 5s

Orchard puzzles for over 5s are a great source of entertainment and learning. Puzzles with keys involved are especially gratifying - children over the age of 5 can piece together the puzzle and learn in detail about what they are making, which means that the product is mixing together the perfect balance between education and entertainment.

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