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Schleich Rock Beast

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Schleich Rock Beast 42521 - Toys & Learning - Schleich Specialists - 100% - Fast Service - Sale Prices.

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This Schleich Rock Beast 42521 is one of the top quality hand finished products from the Schleich ranges of quality models & toys.

There are few better ways of widening a child's horizons and helping them begin to explore the world than the range of Schleich models - all are made to the highest standards, are in compliance with relevant safety regulations and are CE tested and approved.

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Schleich Rock Beast 42521

3 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5
Eldrador Rock beast!
- 03rd August 2022
This Rock beast is really scary, it looks like rock but it has claws and very strong legs and vivid green horns that match its eyes, and as for its mouth and big teeth! All the Eldrador creatures are fantastic, well made and very very durable.
Bright Green Horns
- 30th July 2021
The Rock Beast is part of Schleich's 'Eldrador Creatures' range, and resides with some other seriously tough guys, Armoured Turtle & Stone Monster, at 'The Stone World'. The Rock Beast's armoured neck protects against attacks and the four horns made of magical crystal turn enemies into rock pillars! The model looks amazing with its armoured looking body, and bright green horns. It's mouth is wide open to shoe off its sharp looking white teeth, and pink tongue. Awesome.
- 04th February 2021
Incredible looking beast, very ferocious and fierce looking. He has matching coloured eyes to his horns and sharp pointy teeth... Super scary.

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