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Schleich Toys - The World's Best Models.

Schleich Toys

We specialise in and stock the whole range of Schleich models because they make the best models available worldwide - carefully crafted and hand finished.

Papo Toys - The World's Best Figurines.

Papo Toys

We specialise in the vey best figurines from Papo.
Papo are a privately owned French company that uses all the flair you would expect - all their figurines have a dynamic flow that make them look great.
The illustration here is the Lion Mutant.
All the mutants are as dramatic and life like as you migt expect.

Orchard Toys - The World's Best Educational Games & Puzzles.

Orchard Toys

We specialise in and stock the best of Orchard Toys because they are the UK market leaders in early learning games & jigsaws for children from pre-school up to the age of around 9 or 10. You can't get better. We continuously receive customer feedback on the pleasure that children get from from these products. We are also delighted that so many schools are coming to us for bulk purchases - a sure sign our prices are fully competitive.
For those who have not yet chosen an Orchard product for your child - the company is based near Norwich - manufactures in the UK - uses 100% recycled materials.

Toys & Learning - Quality Educational Toys - at Sale Prices.

There aren't many people who have the pleasure of choosing and supplying the best educational and learning toys available in the UK - from toddlers toys through pre-school toys to detailed models from Schleich.

As an independent company we get to decide what we do and how we do it.

So here we are as specialist educational toys retailers

  • Driven by Customer Care to
  • Find the Best Educational Toys Available in the UK
  • Sell at Cheap Prices - Always Cheap - Often the Cheapest
  • Provide the Fastest Possible Service
  • Always Look After our Customers

The Latest From our Blog

Schleich Toys – Toys & Learning – 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Schleich 2015Crikey we did have a great year last year with Schleich Toys – 2015 looks to be even more exciting.

Somehow the designers have managed to create a plethora of new products that appeal to children in a way we have never seen before.
The new horse products with stables, horse wash area and a whole range of accessories have been just brilliant – the new horses this year are just as good or better – have a look at our new releases page.
Now we have a whole new set of dragons – fun takes on a whole new meaning.
With the dinosaurs the anhanguera stands out as the therizinosaurus did last year – we also now have mini dinos with the midis coming along.
As for the Justice League – the quality of the Superman & Batman models just has to be seen.

Papo Toys – Toys & Learning – 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Papo 2015We started selling Papo Toys in 2014 and have been delighted with the response – Knights & Fantasy – with the mutants range have been brilliant.

In 2015 we are expanding the range to include dinosaurs and animals.
With dinosaurs we now stock the whole Papo range – we are amazed and the width of the range – most look pretty ugly – all are top quality products.
With animals we are stocking the most popular and the items that complement the model animal ranges already here.
Papo Knights have to have a mention of their own.
Any child playing with these will have their imaginations drawn back to days of old – not only will they have great fun – they will also have a basis to expand an interest in history.
More than that we just enjoy handing all the Papo products – just great fluid fun!

Orchard Toys – Toys & Learning – 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Orchard Toys 20152015 is a great year for us at Toys & Learning, particularly with Orchard Toys.
As we specialise more & more in the very best educational toys and value for money toys so we have been able to adapt our approach to Orchard Toys.
We all know that Orchard make the very best UK educational toys and games – in the past we have stocked every product that Orchard produce – this year we have worked alongside Orchard to prune the products we stock – we now stock just the very best of Orchard Toys.
Our quality selection process is pretty simple – how well are the games received by the public – which games & jigsaw puzzles do schools & play schools concentrate on and which do we see as having the very best of fun and educational value.
What this means for our customers is that they no longer need to ask – which are the most popular – which are the most enjoyable – buy with confidence – these are the very best of Orchard Toys – and by focusing more clearly we have also been able to reduce our prices!


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