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Schleich Models

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On this page are a few of the very best of Schleich 2017 New Releases

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Schleich Showjumper with Horse

Schleich Horses - Sale Prices

List Price: £13.99
Now : £11.69
Schleich Andalusian Stallion

Schleich Horses - Sale Prices

List Price: £6.49
Now : £5.39
Schleich Hanoverian Mare

Schleich Horses - Sale Prices

List Price: £6.49
Now : £5.39

Schleich Lunaja's Moon Fox

Schleich Fantasy - Sale Prices

List Price: £2.99
Now : £2.49
Schleich Toucan

Schleich Wild Animals - Sale Prices

List Price: £4.49
Now : £3.69
Schleich Utahraptor

Schleich Dinosaurs - Sale Prices

List Price: £8.99
Now : £7.19

Schleich is a brand name that is synonymous with premium quality toys. Schleich is a company that has been manufacturing Schleich animals, Schleich knights and a huge range of other figurines and models for over half a century, and their commitment to creating beautiful toys really shows in each and every item. Advent Calendars

Schleich Animals

When you order these toys you’ll be able to see exactly why they’re so highly regarded within the industry! We’ve been working with the company for a number of years now and are constantly impressed by their thorough market testing procedures, which demonstrate their commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. 

Each of the Schleich animals (along with the other ranges) is individually hand-painted and designed to the highest standard. Our customers are delighted to receive Schleich animals of such an unprecedented quality and choose these Schleich toys time and time again for this precise reason. There are plenty of similar childrens toys on the market but Toys & Learning can safely say that this manufacturer is producing the most sought-after models and the largest range of figurines

Schleich Knights

The Schleich knights on offer from this world-renowned childrens toys firm are expertly crafted and unbelievably accurate as far as the design work is concerned. Alongside traditional Schleich knights, we stock various Medieval-style accessories such as catapults, castles and fences to bring a sense of realism to your child’s leisure time. These Schleich knights portray an era of history that’s often lost on today’s younger generation and inspires children to learn more about what life was like centuries ago through the power of play!

More About Schleich - Their History - Their Quality

Schleich History

Friedrich Schleich was born on 13th December 1900 - the Thursday before the Thursday before Christmas - a pretty good day for the man who was to have his name on some of the very best toys the world has seen.

Young Mr Schleich certainly had a rough start in life - brought up by foster parents he had to make his way in a hard and difficult world. Normal stuff - bank clerk - then sales rep - then employee of a company making industrial face masks - of all things. By the early 40's he had become the owner of the company and as a natural inventor the owner of some 60 patents. After the war all they had left was bucket loads of velvet from face mask linings - what to do - well toys of course - and off we went.

Schleich Quality

Since the very beginning as Toy manufacturers Schleich have concentrated on quality at every level of design and manufacture. Today every Schleich model has to go through a careful quality control process so that the end product is a Schleich figure or a Schleich toy that will stand the test of time. For you this means that you can always choose the best Schleich Toys for your child.

Internet Retail Specialists

We are indeed internet retail specialists - and what this means for you is that we will give you fast service 100% of the time - for your orders - for any questions or problems to be solved - fast service 100%.
The other side of being internet retail specialists is that where we are specialists we hold most items in stock - most of the time - so that you get quallty products - the best Schleich Toys for your child - at the best sale prices - with fast service.

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