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Welcome to the wonderful world of Schleich, Papo & Breyer Models plus Vivid Pet Pals.

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T&L Schleich - Papo - Breyer

Schleich - The world's best models

Papo - The world's best figures

Breyer - The best horse models

Vivid Pet Pals - Best animal ornaments


Toys & Learning - Quality Educational Toys - at Sale Prices.

When Toys & Learning started as an online educational toy shop we provided a wide range of educational toys that had been designed as toys to be educational.
We found across the years that if a toy had been designed first as an enjoyable product it was always better received than if it started out as as educational product designed as a toy.
Hence our change around - we now specialise in the best models available in the UK from Schleich, Papo and Breyer plus Vivid Pet Pals.
Models themselves are a wonderful way of enabling children to use their imagination whilst engaging with the wider world. 
Schleich, Papo and Breyer between them cover a huge range from designer quality horse models from Breyer through brilliant French design of Papo to the fantastic quality of Schleich products covering horses and accessories, farm animals, wild animals, pets, dinosaurs, dragons, fairies and elves, along with a whole host of gift sets.