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Our Products
Toys & Learning is an online toy shop specialising in a select few of the very best educational toys, Schleich Models & Papo Models.

Our Prices
We set our prices as low as we can - we are amongst the cheapest - often we are the cheapest..

Our Service
We only sell what we have in stock - if you can order something on this website then it is in stock - all orders received before noon go out the same working day.

Below is what we set out as Our Objectives in 2007 - we now reckon we are in the zone.

As educational toys & internet retail specialists we stood back and asked ourselves-

  • How can we contribute to the productive use of leisure time?
  • How can we help children play and learn?
  • How can we help families with social & interactive skills and learning?

Young child with paint on handsPapo Toys - In our opinion the world's best figurines.
We stock the very best of Papo models & figurines. Papo is a privately owned French company that brings all the flair you would expect to the design of exciting models that all display a delightful degree of fluidity.
Some of their most imaginative products are the range of mutant animals.

Chess piecesSchleich Models
We specialise in and stock the whole range of Schleich models because they make the best models available worldwide - carefully crafted and hand finished.


Planet EarthHow We Work
We and our associates have extensive and wide ranging experience of retailing and educational toy retailing. We are also involved in an ongoing process of involving the educational establishment in our selection procedures. It is fundamental to the integrity of the range of product we offer that we actively seek advice from schools, teachers and parents on how they wish to see children learning in their leisure time.

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